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Unlocking the Art of Crafting Exceptional Swim Workouts

Are you an age-group swim coach eager to elevate your coaching skills and create transformative experiences for your swimmers?

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About the Course

Master the art of crafting swim workouts that not only improve performance but also inspire and motivate your athletes!

Led by Coach Chris, a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience, you'll gain unparalleled insights into swim coaching.

What You'll


This online course will show you step-by-step how to use social media to market and sell your artwork.

Your swimmers are waiting for you to inspire.

With this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Setting Clear Goals: Learn to set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals for your swimmers that drive results.
  • Varying Workouts for Growth: Discover how to introduce a variety of drills to enhance skill development and keep practices engaging.
  • Effective Warm-Ups and Warm-Downs: Maximize performance during practice with proven techniques that promote recovery and reduce injury risks.
  • Flexibility in Workout Design: Adapt workouts to suit the uniqueness of each swimmer, nurturing their individual potential.
  • Progress Tracking and Feedback Loops: Harness data to monitor and adjust for continuous improvement in your coaching approach.

After just five days, you’ll have everything you need to have transformative experiences for your swimmers.


Building your foundation

Lay the groundwork for crafting exceptional swim workouts. We'll start by understanding the importance of setting clear goals for your workouts and how to align them with your swimmers' needs.


The Art of Variety

Why variety is essential in your workouts. We'll explore how mixing up your routines engages swimmers and accelerates skill development.


Perfecting the Structure

The essential components of a well-structured workout. A thoughtful structure not only improves performance but also makes workouts enjoyable.


Customizing for Success

The importance of tailoring workouts to individual needs, ensuring that every athlete progresses optimally.


Measuring Progress

How to gauge your swimmers' progress and adjust workouts accordingly. Effective feedback loops are vital for continued improvement.

Why Enroll?

  • Unlock Your Coaching Potential: Gain the tools and techniques to become an exceptional swim coach who inspires greatness in every athlete.
  • Private Community Access: Join our exclusive community of coaches, where you can share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.
  • Direct Coach Interaction: Get direct access to Coach Chris for any questions or guidance you may need during the course.


What Coaches Are Saying

Olga Yasenovich

I enjoyed this course. A lot of good material will help me improve as a coach.


A seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience, you'll gain unparalleled insights into swim coaching.

My journey in swimming began as a young athlete who fell into the sport by accident. After failing to pass the Red Cross Swimming Badges, my parents put me into competitive swimming for a season so I could be water-safe.

After spending over 21 years honing my skills and embracing the values that swimming instills – discipline, perseverance, and a strong sense of camaraderie, transitioning from a competitive swimmer to a coach, I embarked on a mission to empower young athletes with the transformative power of swimming.

Invest in Your Coaching Journey 


Your investment in this course isn't just an investment in your coaching career; it's an investment in the futures of your swimmers. With each skill you acquire, you'll empower your athletes to reach new heights and unlock their full potential.

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