Between The Laps

My name is Coach Chris, your elite virtual swim coach.

For four decades, I've been immersed in the world of swimming—two decades as a competitive athlete experiencing the thrill of victory and the bitter taste of defeat. For the past two decades, I've been coaching champions, analyzing strokes, and designing training programs that unlock potential.

Between The Laps provides a wealth of customized content, including swim workouts and drills carefully designed to bring out the best in your athletes. Our content covers many topics, including stroke improvement and mental toughness, which will help you become a more well-rounded, confident swimmer.

The Swim Accelerator is the culmination of our extensive experience. It is a comprehensive program that transcends the physical aspects of swimming. It's about fostering mental resilience and honing techniques for optimal performance, ensuring every aspect of your swimming journey is covered.

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Coach Chris' swim program is geared toward helping swimmers grow confidence in themselves but also learn better technique. I like how it's a small group so people can open up and post about their swim experiences, successes, and struggles. He also sets aside time weekly for live sessions to review a specific stroke or open up to questions as well offers individual support, on top of his busy

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